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Thunder has insulinoma and has been on prednisolone for about nine months. Lately, getting him to eat has been a struggle and my vet and I suspect he has some ulcers as a result. This is his current med schedule for at least the next six days. Carafate every 8 hours, 1/8 of a tablet of Pepcid thirty minutes after the Carafate, and his Pred every twelve hours. I hope this does the trick for him.


The face of love ~ ❤




GCFA Shelter is Over-Run with Mustelids!

Adoption Info | Adoptable Ferrets | Become a Member

Dear Members, Volunteers, and Friends:

It’s that time again, we have our usual increase in surrenders and rescues due to: students going away to school, people “upgrading” to prettier and younger pets, sudden allergies, strays, dumps, “trash can ferrets”, moving, no longer wanted, and a plethora of other reasons. The shelter is now packed with close to 100 wonderful ferrets plus more ferrets on a waiting list to be rescued!  

This jump in the population is taking its toll on all of our resources: volunteer, medical, food, litter and time.  

In response to this influx of ferrets, we are hosting an adoption event for Members only…

Adoption Event | Member Exclusive | August 2014

Fall in Love with a Fuzzbutt 2 years old and older!

Your adoption fee is $20.

Can’t resist a Fuzzbutt under 2 years old?

Your adoption fee is $40.

Special Adoption Dates and Times Have Been Added! Adoption days in August are Saturday, Sunday, and Thursdays.

Call the shelter at 708.442.8650 with any questions and to make your adoption appointment to pick out a new friend- and save a life!

If you help just one ferret by giving them a forever home, you are really helping two or more as we would then have space to save another life.  The GCFA has a list of people waiting to surrender their ferrets.  In some cases, when we get to their name on the list, it is too late for the ferret.


Greater Chicago Ferret Association


Jill looking uncharacteristically elegant


I got out of the shower to find my ferret pushed all the towels out of the cabinet and onto the floor


Cooper #ferret #pet #tongue


Pup loves the grass #ferret #pet #white


Tucker, my chocolate ferret! He is my love!