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FuckYeahFerrets Ferret Tumblr List (in Alphabetical Order):

5 Ferret Frenzy

All Things Ferret


(An Italian ferret tumblr)

Cannonball the Ferret

Crazy Ferret Lady


Farrah the Ferret

Ferret Kisses



Greater Chicago Ferret Association

MISSION: The Greater Chicago Ferret Association (GCFA) is a non-for-profit ferret shelter and club that exists to educate the public about the domestic ferret as pets as well as the care and shelter of neglected, abused or abandoned ferrets.

The Life of My Ferrets (Formerly FerretsTLC)

Life With Shiva

Lou the Ferret

Modified People With Ferrets

Mustelid Eskapades

Nuv & Noctem

People with Tattoos with Ferrets 

(In need of submissions!)

Pickle Dookers

Two Weasels

What are you doing, fuzz? In need of submissions!

Ferrets getting into stuff/doing something they’re not supposed to do!

What qualifies a tumblr to be a FuckYeahFerrets Ferret Tumblr?  

It has to be a tumblr about ferrets.  Whether it’s an informative tumblr, personal tumblr about your ferrets, a tumblr ran by your ferret, etc!  

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